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As a long time resident of Victor NY, I have been employed with and have experienced many of the businesses here.  I grew up not far from here in Pittsford and found that this area provides the same feel that my hometown had while I was  growing up.  I wanted that for my daughters as well.

They are now grown and have families of their own and have started the second generation of family in Victor, NY.

In 2011 I started  HOOMarketing to help local businesses to make an impression on the internet.  Websites and an online impact are becoming the way that customers are finding businesses in this new age of technology.  Brick and Mortar businesses need to change to meet the challenge of a new market and a tech saavy customer.  I help them to make the transition.

In my spare time, I maintain websites for several businesses and am a member and webmaster for Western NY Search Dogs.  We provide and train search ready dogs to help local authorities when people are missing in Western and Central New York.  This is an all volunteer group that may be called to assist at any time.

Timely Support

We focus on our customers needs foremost.  With that focus comes dedication to get your job online and gathering customers as quickly as possible.  Let us give you a facelift and get your business in front of the people that need your services.

Innovative Ideas

The internet is always changing, to keep abreast of the changes takes dedicated effort and immersion in the medium.  HOO Marketing strives to stay current on all of the changes with Google and the other search engines so that we can be effective and make your site stand out from the crowd.

Website Design

Advanced Technology

Website Design has changed immensely in the last few years.  WordPress is now the preferred content management system (CMS) for much of the online world. The versatility of this platform and its ease of use make it a good choice for many sites.  HOO Marketing uses this CMS as well as other tools that can make a site attractive and functional for your needs.  We strive to stay on top of all the latest developments to provide you with exceptional customer interaction.

Clear Communication

You need to get the word out, throughout the internet community, social networks are all the buzz today.  Even the search engines will rate you better when you have customer interaction with your site.  We can help you to connect with your customers and help them connect with you.

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The Artful Fairy

Business Name: The Artful Fairy Business Address: 90 East Main St #3, Victor, NY 14564 Business Phone: (585) 9244499 Business Genre:  Fairy Gardens, Parties

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